Smoking Kratom – Can you do it safely?

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May 1, 2021

People are becoming more conscious of their health these days. Eating exotic healthy food and taking supplements with exciting new ingredients are becoming a trend. Recently, smokers are trying every trick in the book to quit smoking. There are various ways to help them stop. One of these is the use of a plant as a substitute for cigarettes.

Have you heard of Kratom yet? It is becoming a familiar name as it grows in popularity. It originated from Southeast Asia. Natives of this part of the world habitually chewed kratom as they worked in the fields.

Nowadays, kratom is most popular in the form of tea. There are people who prefer Toss & Wash or kratom capsules. Kratom also comes in the form of soap, baths, and salve. (You can look forward to us covering these topics in the future.)

However, the question on people’s minds is this: “Can you Smoke Kratom?”

To answer, we can say that kratom can technically be smoked. However, we have to consider whether it’s a good idea to smoke it or not.

Let’s discuss this further and see if smoking kratom would be a good choice for people.

Pros of Smoking Kratom

  1. The effects of Kratom are experienced in a short period of time.

As one take in kratom into his body, the same is absorbed into the bloodstream. It travels to the brain and connects with the receptors inside. At this point, you would be able to experience the effects of kratom.

When people smoke kratom, the chemicals avoid the digestive system. These chemicals directly go to the blood with oxygen entering through the lungs. In the end, they can spread to the brain and people can then feel the effects almost immediately.

It takes 10-15 minutes for the effects of kratom to wear off when ingested and this period is reduced to about 10 seconds when smoked. The highest point of the kratom effects may be felt at a shorter period. This would mean that the life of kratom will be shorter, too.

  1. Smoking Kratom will encourage a person to stop smoking other substances

It’s difficult to quit smoking cigarettes because one may experience withdrawal pains and signs. However, smoking kratom to replace cigarettes could control the effects of withdrawal. It would be easier for people to ultimately quit smoking in the long run.

Cons of Smoking Kratom

  1. Effects are very mild

To smoke kratom means to burn it. The disadvantage of it is that there would be some substances lost in the process. Scientific studies have not offered sufficient information on the matter. However, there are some sources that say that you need to smoke 10 times the amount of kratom to feel the same effects that a person would experience when he ingests it.

That’s why if your normal intake of kratom is 4 grams, you would need to smoke 40 grams to get the same experience.

  1. It costs more money

If one needs a greater amount of Kratom to get the same effects, the consumption would also be that much higher. It would mean more money to spend on the product.

  1. Hot weather has bad effects on Kratom Alkaloids

As mentioned before, the right amount of heat can bring out the alkaloids in Kratom. However, too much would completely destroy these alkaloids. That’s why when people prepare kratom tea, they must let it simmer and avoid letting it boil.

As you smoke kratom, the temperature of the cigarettes goes up to 900°C or 1652°F. it is nine times higher than the temperature of water at its boiling point. This definitely has bad effects on the alkaloids in kratom.

Kratom users have shared their experience of smoking the substance as either very weak or not existing at all. Some people also say that it might just be a case of the placebo effect.

  1. There are health risks when smoking Kratom

Smoking alone is detrimental to a person’s health. There are a lot of different health risks associated with smoking such as:

  • Higher chance of developing blood clots
  • High blood pressure and heart rate which puts a strain on the heart
  • Less oxygen in the blood because of thinning blood vessels
  • Higher chance of having a stroke and heart attack
  • Higher chance of getting cancer in the stomach, lung, cervix, and others
  • Negative effects on the fertility of both men and women
  • Faint immune system
  • Quicker aging
  • Fragile bones
  • Recurring respiratory issues and sicknesses
  • Others

So, the question comes up again, can you smoke Kratom? Well, if you are trying to manage pain and improve your conditions by taking kratom, these effects of smoking might actually bring worse problems.

Can you smoke Kratom using a vaporizer?

Vaping has become popular recently. Since it doesn’t involve burning, vaping is ultimately less harmful than smoking. However, there is no research to determine the actual safety of vaping.

Kratom vape juice is an extract that you need to vape kratom. People can buy this online but it’s not as accessible as kratom powder or capsules.

You need to remember that kratom extracts are the strongest form of kratom. It is much easier to ingest a much higher dose than actually needed. Measuring the right amount or dose can be tricky. Kratom extracts are also more expensive and not readily available.

Our Conclusion on Smoking Kratom

Can you really smoke Kratom? Basically, smoking kratom can be more harmful than helpful. It is good to note that the existing advantages are not conclusive.

Smoking kratom can negatively affect a person’s health. According to research, it is 10 times less effective than direct ingestion which causes people to spend more money.

Vaping kratom may be safer for one’s health, but, according to users, the effects are noticeably weaker. In addition, vaping is a new innovation. There is no source that can confirm the safety and benefits of vaping kratom and other herbals.

Based on the abovementioned reasons, our recommendation is to stick to the popular and proven ways of kratom intake. This is true even if you regularly see kratom vape juice or kratom smoking being advertised online or in shops.

Always remember that not all sellers are concerned about what’s best for the customers.  This fact and the lack of credible information on the matter can make it into an easy marketing strategy.

What do you think: Can you smoke Kratom? Did you ever smoke kratom? What were the effects that you felt when you smoked? How strong were the effects? Have you also tried vaping kratom? Would you recommend it to others?


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