Though tobacco is injurious to health and adequate awareness on the same is spread, people are not following them, and this leads to serious health complications. Smoking started out as a ritualistic act in the early day, but today it has become an addiction. It is one of the deadly habits that will lead to death if it becomes a passive addiction. There are different types of tobaccos available in the market and here is a list if a few of them. Let us take a look at it.

Brightleaf tobacco:

This is one of the early type of tobaccos that we produced in the early 1800s and later to that they are produced in large numbers. It is also known as flue-cured tobacco. These tobaccos came into existence when there was unprecedented demand for tobacco products for high aroma and more specifically it was during the 1812 war.

Aromatic Fire-cured:

Just like the previous version of tobacco, this tobacco also has a war background. The aromatic fire-cured version of tobacco was launched during the American Civil War. This is one of the best tobacco product for pipe version cigars.


One of the major cigar types that are primarily grown in Ohio, America. The process of growing the white Burley tobacco started off with Mr.Webb sometime around in the 1860s. The leaf changes its colour from white to light yellow after it is processed and cured. After that, it was Virginia that largely produced these types of tobacco leaves. Today they are produced globally.


Unlike the other tobaccos that have their unique features and differ from each other based on flavour, it is not a special flavour or anything of that sort. Cavendish is those type of cigarettes that are cut and cured through a particular process. So it is a name for the process and not for tobacco by itself.


Dokha is a common type of tobacco that is largely found in the region in and around Arab and Iran. Dokha got its name so as it gives a high, dizzy feeling, but quite contrary to what people think, and it is not the addictive type of cigars. It is totally free of addiction, and it simply makes the user feel dizzy. Unlike other commercial tobacco products, it is minimally processed.


This variety of tobacco is largely found in the Jalapa Valley that is located in Nicaragua. There is a reason as to why this tobacco has the name it has. This tobacco is wrapped with a special variety of leaf that is grown out of a Cuban seed, and that is why it is referred to as the Habano that refers to the capital of Cuba. This tobacco is rich in spices.

Oriental Tobacco:

What the Turks and the people close to that location call Turkish tobacco is what is referred to as the oriental tobacco by the rest of the world. Unlike the other types of tobaccos, the Turkish tobacco is a bit hard to consume as it is highly aromatic and contains more tobacco than cigarettes would usually have.