Tobacco and its consumption are one of the recent addictions that have grown way out of consumption. Did you know that people started smoking because they believed that it had health benefits? Yes, that is how tobacco consumption started out. But now most people are into tobacco addiction, and they are prone to a lot of health issues and even succumb to it. So here are some of the predominant forms tobacco comes In.


The major part of the tobacco consumption is due to the addiction that people have towards cigarettes. The largest part of the revenue that government earns is by taxing tobacco and alcohol-based products. Because the consumption rates are humongous. Though with our recent statistical studies we have measured the addiction levels of people who smoke, history tells us that cigarettes have been in existence since the beginning of civilisation and many people smoked it in different forms. It is also quite weird to know that people considered smoking ritualistic to an extent in the olden days.

Smokeless tobacco:

When people were addicted to cigarettes, they felt that smokeless cigarettes may do less harm and considered that as a substitute. What we call smokeless cigarettes are the ones such as chewing tobacco and snuff. While in chewing tobacco there is tobacco leaf and other product available in small packets that can be chewed and then spit it when done. This form of tobacco consumption is also extremely dangerous and isn’t a fair substitute for cigarettes. In case of snuff, the tobacco products are powdered and are used by people by snuffing it into their noses.


Most of us confuse ourselves between cigars and cigarettes. But they are two different things and not the same. In fact, if we look at the size and nature, cigars are very much harmful than cigarettes. Cigars are usually longer, and a much stronger variety of stuff inside it and they are manifold harmful than cigarettes. Cigars do not end up quickly like cigarettes. Even for a passive smoker, it might take two hours to complete a cigar. That is why a cigar can always be cut and uses later. However, they are harmful, and it is better that people do not consume it on a regular basis.


Hookah is another different type of smoking method. It is known as the water pipe and is available in different flavours. Again hookah is a tobacco product that comes in different size, flavour and they are available in different varieties as well. Many people think that hookah is a lesser harmful substitute for cigarettes as it is a liquid smoking pipe, but that might not be true. Hookah also has its own risks and is hazardous to health. Read More