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Best Kratom Vendors Loved By Reddit Users

There is a community of Reddit users who use kratom, and they compare notes and tips about the best varieties, strains to avoid, and everything kratom-related with fellow kratom-using members of the Reddit community. This is why a lot of people reckon with the opinions of “Redditors” when it comes to finding the best kratom vendors.

Some kratom vendors are unreliable and provide low-quality products, most consumers know this. And this is why it’s important to have a list of the best kratom vendors online. If you want to know the top kratom vendors according to Reddit users, then read on.

  1. New Dawn Kratom

It is not surprising that New Dawn Kratom is the best-loved Kratom vendor. This is simply because this vendor sells high-quality kratom with unique flavors. Even though they are fairly new on the market, New Dawn Kratom has been able to carve a niche for itself within a relatively short period. Fast and secure shipping is a hallmark of this vendor along with the wide variety of products they have available at affordable prices. They offer an impressive 30-day money-back guarantee on opened and unopened products, and you don’t need to give them any reasons for requesting a refund. Just ensure that all opened and unopened products are returned and your reimbursement will be processed. For opened products, however, there is a requirement that the pack must contain 85% of its original content.

  1. The Golden Monk (TGM)

Even though The Golden Monk (TGM) is also fairly new to the kratom-vending business, it is one of the most well-known companies in the field. TGM is recognized by the AKA – American Kratom Association – and it also belongs to the Current Good Manufacturing Practices group which serves as an endorsement for the quality of its products. TGM’s products are tested and available at enormous discounts for their regular buyers. For instance, if you’re shopping through the TGM platform for the second time, you will be eligible for a 10% discount on purchases in addition to getting special discounts.

  1. Kraken Kratom

This is another well-loved company because of its top-quality products and speedy shipments. Kraken Kratom adopts the American Kratom Association’s GMP Standards. They also offer the best strains, free shipments, same-day shipping, and phone support. These are some of the reasons why users rate this vendor highly.

  1. Coastline Kratom

Coastline Kratom is a favorite with numerous kratom users and it’s not difficult to see why. They provide the highest-quality kratom, free US shipping, and a money-back guarantee along with the prospects of winning a daily discount. Users have the option of choosing a particular kind of kratom or choose between a Beginner’s Pack or the Ultra Enhanced Kratom Pack that has different selections. Coastline Kratom often offers their bestselling kratom at discounted rates.

  1. Kratom Spot

Kratom Spot supplies the best-quality, fair-trade kratom from around the world. They employ the services of an independent lab to carry out purity and concentration tests on their Maeng Da Kratom. This vendor sells non-GMO veggie capsules along with powders in different strains. Users also have the option of buying accessories like Kratom Spot T-shirts, empty kratom capsules, and kratom capsule filling machines.

  1. Herbaldom

Most of the kratom strains sold by Herbaldom are typically sold out virtually all the time, and that shows how popular they are. They offer extracts, blends, and common strains, along with wholesale options for retailers. Most of their strains start from as low as $5.

  1. Happy Hippo

A high number of Redditors who have done business with Happy Hippo have been amazed at the high level of products and services. This vendor offers more than 30 different strains along with regular discounts for customers. For instance, if you decide to use an alternative payment method such as Bitcoin, eCheck, or mobile check, you get as much as 20% off your purchases. Their products sell for between $14 and $17 with same-day shipping.

  1. Botanical Bunny

Botanical Bunny is one of those companies that are particularly careful about how they encourage kratom use. Apart from kratom, customers can also buy soaps, essential oils, teas, and herbs from this vendor. Redditors love the premium-quality products and first-rate customer service on offer from this vendor. Additionally, their products are reasonably-priced with the kind of quality they provide. 1 ounce of kratom sells for $5, while 1000g goes for $90.


Reddit serves as a great platform for discovering reliable kratom vendors and learning about their products, simply because Redditors are always talking about the best strains and reputable sellers. They provide useful information about the best vendors and the sellers to avoid. If you’re a newbie, you should take advantage of Reddit to find reliable sellers of quality kratom products.

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